Mediastar is a well known company to produce a very great quality satellite receivers and one of them is MS 2727 Forever and in the times of testing this receiver i have found it be perfect for any of you guys even for commercial use or personal use. it opens Amos and and O$N channels […]

!Hello How are you everyone Thankyou for coming back again this is your boy Sebrisat from Ethiopia I’m back again in October for a brand new introduction with one of the best satellite receivers available in the market. The device is manufactured by the Korean company FORMULER formerly known as FORTIS. The satellite receiver we […]

Freesat/GT MEDIA BT-03 As we all used to know GSKY(Hellobox) have been the first one to manufacture a satellite finder that is cheap like under 30 USD or 1700 ETB and also freesat have been one of the best satellite equipments provider next to Starsat and Tigerstar. Freesat have came up with their new GT […]

Hello everyone on todays topic I will show you how you can activate the apollo server on your Supermax receiver step  by step. In order to be able to do this you must Upgrade your receiver with a latest software from here.(CLICK HERE) and connect to the internet. Inorder to connect your receiver to internet […]