What is transitional receiver software? Transitional receiver software is a new software technology developed by the Satellite Receiver companies to combine the receivers software of different models with similar chip-set and use only one official firmware. Satellite receivers who have transitional receiver softwares are listed below.

Dear visitor please Choose a transition software only compatible with the model of your receivers from the list below! To download just click on the link.

T RS-1010HD_V2.31_19022022 (Release date 19_02_2022) Real Star 1010

T-RS-5050HD_V2.31_19022022 (Release date 19_02_2022) Real star 5050

▶  LS-8080_6060-SMART_V2.58_08042022 (Release date 08_04_2022)

LS-8585HD++V2.58_08042022 (Release date 08_04_2022) Lifestar 8585++HD

GS-7200-7500-8600-8800HD_V2.62_20_05_2022_With_Channel_List Gold Star 7200

SR-6565HD-MEGA_V2.54_06092021 (Release date 06_09_2021) Starsat 6565 HD Mega

SR-6565_6464-MEGA_V2.58_08042022 (Release date 08_04_2022) Starsat 6565 6464 MEGA

KS-7060HD_V2.09_28122021 (Release date 28_12_2021) Kingstar 7060HD

KS-9080HD_V2.09_28122021 (Release date 28_12_2021) Kingstar 9080HD

KS-8070HD_V2.09_28122021 (Release date 28_12_2021) Kingstar 8070HD