Dear visitor please Choose a software only compatible with the model of your receivers from the list below! To download just click on the link.

▶ የREALSTAR SIRIUS HEVC265 (Release Date 01_09_2023)

??? ይሔ አዲስ የመጣው የREALSTAR SIRIUS HEVC265 ሪሲቨር አዲስ SOFTWARE
– RELEASTE DATE -01-09-2023

– የ15 ወር FOREVER ሰርቨር አለው።
– የ12 ወር Aፖሎ IPTV አለው።
– Wifi antenna አብሮት ይመጣል።
-ከHD ሪሲቨሮች 1 STEP የተሻለውን HEVC 265 ሆኖ የመጣ።
– 1ኛ ደረጃ ሪሞት አለው።
– 2 ፍላሽ ይቀበላል።
-Youtube ይሰራል።
– MYHD IፒTV ይቀበላል።

?EBS ቻናሎች ላይ ድምፅ አላመጣም ብሎ የነበረው ተስተካክሏል።
? ይህንን Software ብቻ ስንጭን ቻናል አብሮት አለው ፣Server እና IPTVውም Enable ይሆናል።
?ሪሞቱ ላይ የሚገኘውን W በተን በመንካት በቀጥታ የWifi ማገናኛ ዝርዝር ውስጥ መግባት እንችላለን።

Softcam_26_10_2021 © (Release date 26_10_2021)

RS-1010HD_and_RS-5050HD_V2.41_21082023 (Release date 21_08_2023)

T RS-1010HD_V2.31_19022022  Transitional Software (Release date 19_02_2022)

T-RS-5050HD_V2.31_19022022  Transitional Software (Release date 19_02_2022)

Loader Download (New)

In order to know how to use the loader please check this video on our YouTube channel.

To insert bisskey press “PAGE+” button after upgrading with the above software and performing factory reset. the master code for this receiver is 9876.

To enable patch menu press F1+000.

In case of software issue for models RS-1010 and RS-5050 you can use their file and put in USB Flash and rename file name to Rom.bin and after inserting USB device to receiver you press and hold power-button on front panel and turn on receiver from switch. it will quickly upgrade and get back to normal condition.