Dear visitor please Choose a software only compatible with the model of your receivers from the list below! To download just click on the link.

▶ KingStar99HD Prime (Release date 07_09_2023) የ KINGSTAR 99 PRIME EBS HD , EBS CINEMA , EBS MUSIKA ላይ ድምፅ ለዘጋባችሁ ይህንን Software ጫኑበት ይስተካከላል።

▶ KingStar 99HD Prime (Release date _2023)

▶Softcam_26_10_2021 ©  (Release date 26_10_2021)

▶ CH_KS7060_9080_8070_10_3_2023 (Release date 10_03_2023)

▶ CH_KS99 PRIME_NewChannel_10_3_2023 (Release date 10_03_2023)

▶ KINGSTAR KS99 Prime (Release date 2023)

▶ KingStar KS-7060-8070-9080HD_V2.16_03032023 (Release date 03_03_2023)

▶ KingStar_7700_Plus_V12.06.17_20220718 (Release date 18_07_2022)

▶ KingStar_9700_Plus_V12.06.17_20220718 (Release date 18_07_2022)

▶ KINGSTAR_KS_9900,9700+,8800,7700_,6600_Only_Audio_Button_23_02_2021

(Release date 23_02_2021)

▶ Kingstar_KS-7700_Only_Zoom_Remote_GsharePlusV2_2020-11-04 (Release date 11_04_2020)

▶ KS-7060HD_V2.09_28122021 (Release date 28_12_2021)

▶ KS-8070HD_V2.09_28122021 (Release date 28_12_2022)

▶ KS-9080HD_V2.09_28122021 (Release date 28_12_2022)


In-case of software issue for models KS-7060,8070 and 9080 you can use their file and put in USB Flash and rename file name to Rom.bin and after inserting USB device to receiver you press and hold power-button on front panel and turn on receiver from switch. it will quickly upgrade and get back to normal condition.

For model KS_99 PRIME Rename software to Gxrom.bin and follow same procedure as above.