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አዲስ ORIGINAL STABLIZER | በቤትዎ ውስጥ የሚገኙ ውድ የElectronics ዕቃዎች በአኤሌክትሪክ መዋዠቅ እንዳይበላሹ Original Stablizer በመግዛት ይጠብቁ። POPULAR PANDA 500W
LIFESTAR እና GOLDSTAR  HIgh quality ባለ አንድ LNB አስገብተናል። መግዛት የምትፈልጉ በብዛትም ሆነ በፍሬ ከ Sebrisat Electronics ማግኘት ይችላሉ። ዋጋው
አሁን ላይ Smart TV ያላችሁም የሌላችሁም መግዛት ያለባችሁ ወሳኝ የTV SMART ማድረጊያ ዕቃ -የምንፈልገውን የVPN app በመጫን ሁሉም ቦታ Block
Mediastar is a well known company to produce a very great quality satellite receivers and one of them is MS
Step 1) Goto Menu and goto USB control. Step 2) Goto USB MENU Step 3) Goto software directory and Press
STEP 1: Copy the Software to any where on your computer dont forget to extract as of there is a
In our todays blog we will show you how you can enable the new Cccam option and various IKS options.These
How to upgrade software for Xcruiser XS6600?In this new video we will try to show you how to upgrade the
!Hello How are you everyone Thankyou for coming back again this is your boy Sebrisat from Ethiopia I'm back again
A New ADULT(18+)  channel named DORCEL TV on SES 4 22W is opened today on Receivers that support TCam Server.