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Salvador 888 GOLD+ 16_12_21 @Sebrisat (Released date 16_12_2021)

SALVADOR 9090 Lifestar RCU (Released date 2021)

Salvador SR2373A 10_11_20 (Released date 10_11_2020)

SALVADOR SR9090 GOLD++ 19_08_21 (Released date 19_08_2021)

SALVADOR SR-9200 PRO 24_02_22 (Released date 24_02_2022)

SALVADOR_SR6523B_V10.09.09_20201010 Sebrisat (Released date10_10_2020)

SALVADOR_SR9090_GOLDPLUS_V202_1506HV4M_20210601 (Released date 01_06_2021)

STRONG_ST9700_PROPLUS_V202_1506HV4M_20210601 (Released date 2021)