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LEG N24+ and N24pro Channel list 18_08_21 (Release date 18_08_2021)

LEG N24 PRO 10_09_20 @Sebrisat (Release date 10_09_2020)

LEG N24 PRO IRON 18_08_21 Sebrisat (Release date 18_08_ 2021)

N24 PRO MAX_V1.10.7806_20230818 (Release date 18_08_2023)

LEG N24+ Plus 07_03_22 @Sebrisat (1) (Release date 09_03_ 2022)

N24+PLUS FOREVER_V1.10.7806_20230818  (Release date 18_08_2023)

LEG N24+ JAGUAR HD 20082023 (Release date 20_08_2023)

N24+ULTRA JAGUAR_V1.10.6870_20230531  (Release date 31_05_ 2023)

Loader Download (Latest 05_05_21)

▶LEG N24 Pro

Loader Download (Latest 05_05_21)


Loader Download (Latest 05_05_21)

To insert Bisskey press “0” button while you are on channel list.

LEG H-14,N-24(NEW),M-18 HD ( CS8001)

Loader Download (Latest)

To insert Bisskey press “Blue” button while you are on full screen mode.

To insert biss key after updating with the above software Press the “Blue” button the remote controller!  Or download this android application and scan the QR-code from the TV screen! And fill the key you get on your phone by pressing the ‘OK’ Button on the QR-CODE.