Dear visitor please Choose a software only compatible with the model of your receivers from the list below! To download just click on the link. only.

Vanstar V8 pro

▶ Vanstar_V8_Pro_DVB Finder added V11.10.21-2_20211122 (Release date 11_12_ 2021 )

LOADER DOWNLOAD Latest 05_05_21.

Vanstar V8 and V8 plus
LOADER DOWNLOAD Latest 05_05_21.

  • To insert bisskey after updating with the above software Press the “Blue-Biss” button the remote controller! Or download this android application and scan the QR-code from the TV screen! And fill the key you get on your phone by pressing the ‘OK’ Button on the QR-CODE.
  • or press the biss button the remote controller.

♦ VanstarV8 Extreme

▶ Vanstar V8 Extreme Varzish and NSS12 Dump (Release date 2021 )

LOADER DOWNLOAD Latest 05_05_21.


▶ Vanstar-v8 extreme&v8Combo06052022 (Release date 06_05_2022 )

▶ V8 Extreme Recovery (Release date 2021 )