How is the GT-Media V8 Finder? አዲሱ የBluetooth Finder እንዴት ነው?

Freesat/GT MEDIA BT-03

As we all used to know GSKY(Hellobox) have been the first one to manufacture a satellite finder that is cheap like under 30 USD or 1700 ETB and also freesat have been one of the best satellite equipments provider next to Starsat and Tigerstar. Freesat have came up with their new GT media BT03 Satellite finder that connects via Bluetooth to our Android or IOS smartphones and lets us use it to fix our satellite dish.
Its have been pretty much crystal clear GSKY have made a pretty good effort Upgrading their first BT-01 to BT-03.


This finder is simple as ABC,Here are the steps we use to use this Cheap satellite finder.

Step 1) Connect the finder to Power bank or any USB 5V charger.

Step2) Connect it to satellite LNB.

Step3)Open the official GT MEDIA app and connect the device with your phone via Bluetooth.

Step4) select the desired satellite and the desired strong Frequency now you can clearly see and hear a beeper sound when your signal comes up.


As of our earlier times we promise you we’ll be posting a video on our blog and our youtube channel inorder for you guys to know how this device works.

ይህ Finder የሚሰራበትን Power የሚያገኘው በPower Bank ወይም በDirect Charge ሲሆን Quality እና Strength የምናየውም ከስልካችን ጋር በBluetooth በማገናኘት በስልኩ Screen ላይ ነው! 
ይህንን Finder ለየት ከሚያደርጉት ነገሮች መካከል
1)የዋጋ ቅናሽነቱ
2)ለማንኛውም ሰው (ለተጠቃሚም ወይም ለባለሙያም) በሚቀል መልኩ በስልካችን አማካኝነት እንድነጠቀም በመሆኑ!
3)እዛው ስልካችን ላይ የሰራነው Satellite ትክክል መሆኑን Search አድርገን check ማድረግ በመቻላችን!
4) Diseqc 1.0/1.1/1.2 Support ስለሚያረግ የትኛውም በSwitch የሚሰራን ሳተላይት እዚሁ ላይ Check ማድረግ እንችላለን!
-NOTE: ይህ እቃ በ Sebrisat ሱቅ ላይ ሲኖር የምናሳውቅ ይሆናል!

This finder gets its power from an external power bank or any 5V phone charger! We fill and see the signal strength and quality on our smartphone it can be Android or Iphone(IOS)!

This specific satellite finder is different from any other satellite finder by:-
1)its cheaper price
2)anybody who is a technician or a user can use this device to set or align a satellite .
3)we can check if the satellite we have aligned is the perfect satellite by searching the channels on our smartphones!
4) It also have a Diseqc 1.0/1.1/1.2 Function this can be handy when setting a satellite dish thats connected  by a diseqc swith!


©sebrisat  l  From Addis Ababa,Ethiopia.


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