Realstar Ethiopia

Down below you will find software for REALSTAR Products.

▶Realstar RS-1010 HD – Software Download New 18-06-21 Added MY HD IPTV.

▶Realstar RS-5050 HD – Software Download New 18-06-21 Added MY HD IPTV.

Loader Download (New)

In order to know how to use the loader please check this video on our youtube channel.

To insert bisskey press “PAGE+” button after upgrading with the above software and performing fatory reset. the master code for this receiver is 9876.

To enable patch menu press F1+000.

Incase of software issue for models RS-1010 and RS-5050 you can use their file and put in USB Flash and rename file name to Rom.bin and after inserting usb device to receiver you press and hold powerbutton on front panel and turn on receiver from switch. it will quickly upgrade and get back to normal condition.