Software Download New 10_09_21 Gshare,Youtube fix,bug fix.

Loader Download (Latest 05_05_21)

▶LEG N24 Pro

Software Download New 10_09_21 Gshare ,Youtube fix,bug fix.

Loader Download (Latest 05_05_21)


Software Download New 18_08_21 Gshare,Youtube fix,bug fix.

LEG N24 Plus and Pro,Pro IRON – Channel list DOWNLOAD 18_08_21

Loader Download (Latest 05_05_21)

To insert Bisskey press "0" button while you are on channel list.

LEG H-14,N-24(NEW),M-18 HD ( CS8001)

 Software Download New 20-02-21 MBC OK!

Loader Download (Latest)

To insert Bisskey press "Blue" button while you are on full screen mode.

LEG N-24 Software

▶LEG N-24 Loader

▶LEG A-25 Software

▶LEG A-25 Loader

To insert bisskey after updating with the above software Press the “Blue” button the remote controller! 
Or download this android application and scan the QR-code from the TV screen! And fill the key you get on your phone by pressing the ‘OK’ Button on the QR-CODE.