This software is only compatible with the models listed below!

▶Lifestar LS-1000 HD GOLD 

▶Lifestar LS-2000 HD GOLD 

▶Lifestar LS-3000HD GOLD 

▶Lifestar LS-4000 HD GOLD 

▶Lifestar LS-9200 HD(DUAL USB) GOLD 

▶Lifestar LS-9300 HD(DOUBLE USB) GOLD

▶Superstar V8 9200 HD(DUAL USB) 

Superstar V8 9300 HD(DOUBLE USB)  

Software Download NEW 17_10_21 Gshare and supercast improved.

Loader Download Fix redlight issue.

  • To insert bisskey After installing keep the receiver on the biss channel and press The Green button on the remote controller while it is on fullscreen MODE!